Updating dataview

Navigating Data Relations Describes how to use the relations between tables in a Data Set to return the child or parent rows of a parent-child relationship.

Merging Data Set Contents Describes how to merge the contents of one Data Set, Data Table, or Data Row array into another Data Set.

key for a Data View, any change to the column value must involve assigning the Byte[] column value to a separately instantiated Byte[] object.

This assignment is required to trigger the update of the internal indexes used by sorting, filtering, and primary key operations.

Data Table Readers Describes how to create and use a Data Table Reader. NET Overview Provides an introduction to the design and components of ADO. Populating a Data Set from a Data Adapter Describes how to load a Data Set with data from a data source.

You can: A strongly typed Data Set can also be transported using an XML Web service.Copying Data Set Contents Describes how to create a copy of a Data Set that can contain schema as well as specified data.Handling Data Set Events Describes the events of a Data Set and how to use them. Count Hi Raj - I don't think that's entirely correct, the POAdapter will have a data Set called "POData" which contains POHeader, POLine, PORel etc as data Tables. Set it to "U" to signal the source code that it's a dirty row for updating. You can also try setting the "rowmod" value for each line you edit before processing the update.

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