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When you're a woman in the workplace, the mere fact that you're confident might be enough to intimidate male (and female) co-workers, subordinates, and higher-ups.Women shouldn't have to adopt alpha-male characteristics to be taken seriously, but they shouldn't shy away from their natural confidence, either.

Teasing collaborations with fellow musicians, he said: “I’ve collaborated with a few people on the album I’ve just finished – they were all on the co-production and co-write side of things, though.Some are intimidating because they're utterly self-assured, and some are so straightforward that they come off as abrasive. Although it might seem counterintuitive, your most intimidating boss can be your greatest asset.John*, who worked as a recruiter for a web-based news company for almost a year, was initially intimidated by his female boss because of her dedication.It's easier to operate outside your comfort zone if your boss is someone who pushes you there, i.e. In that vein intimidation — and wanting to impress someone — can be a powerful motivator.Thanks to his intimidating lady boss, John became a better communicator and a more honest person.

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