Tf2 validating problem

You will just have to deal with it till Steam updates to deal with the new FS specs. My suggestilon would be to try deleting the TF2 game cache and start again.I have this behavior on my Dad's old corrupt Windows XP computer (programs close without warning etc). Should this happen, GCFScape would become unstable and likely crash.

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The following options are available inside the options menu in GCFScape: Enable Windows file mapping (enabled by default).The OS only deals with actual HDD fragmentation, which Steam has no knowledge about - for that to play a role, Steam would have to test file access times, which seems highly [email protected] Madsen Just because Steam has no knowledge of a problem does not mean the problem doesn't affect Steam and its decision to validate files.Your statement is very informative, but doesn't necessarily mean that this is not the solution.The word "may" expresses a possibility and does not define a certainty.I was simply recounting an anecdote of my personal experience, trying to help solve a problem and noting an observation of a possibility that could potentially help prevent a problem. I get the some problem when I try to run games that I store on my ext3 drive (accessed via 3rd party driver), indicating that Steam seems to make quite low level system calls to check files.

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