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As with other important aspects of website development, such as performance, accessibility is best approached as an integral and ongoing activity.This document provides IT managers, project managers, small business owners, accessibility consultants, and others with guidance on what to consider in developing an effective web accessibility plan for your specific organization or project.The achievement of these purposes requires personal commitment, a willingness to accept responsibility and discipline in exercising it.Academically, Hanover College emphasizes the importance of oral and written expression, intellectual curiosity and sound judgment.We will be nimble with our tactics that serve to meet the objectives for our goals.Visually, figure 1, represents how our goals live in Hanover’s core values which live in our vision, institutional identity and, ultimately, Hanover’s Mission.

The integrated plan is a sustainable approach to long-term success that builds relationships, aligns the institution and emphasizes preparedness for change.

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back to page contents Strategic planning, whether for a single project or broader organizational processes, benefits from broad backing and support.

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