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However, the work of Robinson in Honest to God provided a departure point which would be followed up in the writings of the radical theologians Don Cupitt and John Shelby Spong and in the 1977 symposium The Myth of God Incarnate, edited by John Hick.Whether Robinson would have gone as far as Cupitt did in declaring the idea of God to be an entirely human creation is something which can only be conjectured.The most popular was Honest to God published in 1963.

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Robinson seemed to rapidly become a person upon whom religious people projected their own ideas of what he was like, and the book The Honest to God Debate, edited by Robinson and by David L Edwards, also published in 1963, contains a mixture of articles which either praise Robinson for his approach or accuse him of atheism.

He also wrote that past scholarship was based on a "tyranny of unexamined assumptions" and an "almost wilful blindness".

Robinson concluded that much of the New Testament was written before AD 64, partly basing his judgement on the spare textual evidence that the New Testament reflects knowledge of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem in AD 70.

It deals with a small piece of papyrus at Magdalen College, Oxford, the oldest fragment of St. The book was written by Carsten Peter Thiede and Matthew D'Ancona.

Thiede pinpointed the writing style to the time of Jesus' life; moreover, the author used KS, an abbreviated form of Kyrios, to refer to Jesus as Lord God, meaning that he believed Jesus is divine.

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