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He said he was not a match for his fiancee, who died from kidney failure before a donor could be found."To see this happen is a good feeling for me," Lietz said. (Dempsey) goes into this not expecting anything and finds a lifelong partner."Since their transplant surgery, Dempsey and Krueger have spoken at one of Lietz' events at Moraine Valley Community College to promote organ donation, Lietz said.

Their story was first reported March 3 in the Daily Southtown, shortly after they met.

It was a remarkably fortunate twist of fate because Dempsey became her donor. There's an angel watching over me."Now, they said, everything is "perfect," as both have healthy livers.

"I am extremely happy with the way this turned out."As if donating a portion of his liver weren't enough, Dempsey got his Leathernecks motorcycle club to host a fundraiser to help cover Krueger's medical bills.Aprati started teaching at what was then called Washington Junior High School in 1969 and remained within the Chicago Heights School District 170 until he retired as principal of Washington in 2006."He was with them for 37 years," said his wife of 49 years, Barbara Aprati."He had just about every job imaginable."Aprati moved from teacher to dean of boys, then served as principal at Kennedy School.In 1980, he moved back to Washington as principal, and back again to the Kennedy and Wilson schools."He was actually principal of both schools at the same time," Barbara Aprati said."Then in between, he was also an (English as a second language) teacher at Prairie State College, and he was a principal mentor for the state of Illinois."Aprati wanted students to pursue excellence and become lifelong learners, said Lenell Navarre, superintendent of Bloom Township High School District 206.

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