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Photographs of Starsky and the Rabbi pulling down the charred cross had appeared in all the morning newspapers.

Religious groups of every denomination had come forth denouncing the horrible crime against the Bachmans.

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After the synagogue that Starsky attends is bombed, Starsky is assigned to guard the rabbi and Hutch goes undercover in white supremacy group.

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David Starsky's attention wandered as the reverent words echoed through him, contemplating a mosaic on the wall opposite, representing Moses' trek across the desert.Born only a few years after World War II, Starsky could still remember his U. born parents telling him of the fear they had had for their incarcerated relatives during the war.Uncle David and Auntie Chava had even stayed in the Starsky home for over a year after they'd immigrated from Poland.Even six months ago, Starsky would never have imagined himself going to the services of his faith. Oh, he gave Hanukkah and Passover a nod, but not much more than the one he gave to the Christian holidays Christmas and Easter.To him, any holiday was good for a get together with friends, no matter what faith they practiced.

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