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Mississippian social and political patterns largely are inferred from the size, organization, and complexity of settlements, but more importantly from patterns in mortuary behavior.

Emergent and early Mississippian cultures exhibit progressively greater cultural elaboration in this regard, which culminates in the well-known highly complex and sophisticated late Mississippian cultures.

Flat strap handles or circular loop handles were added to vessels.

Some of the most elaborate vessels are bottles manufactured in the shape of animals such as dogs or owls and bowls with animal and human effigies.

Beads, ear spools, and other body adornments also were constructed from copper.

An important defining characteristic of Mississippian culture was the development and dependence on intensive maize agriculture. 1000 beans had been incorporated into the diet, and between A. 12 farming of the large fertile river bottoms that surrounded Mississippian settlements on the Tennessee, Cumberland, and Mississippi Rivers and their larger tributaries was well established.

At one end of the plaza was an earthen mound referred to as a substructure or temple mound.

All the lines she throws at you she throws at everyone.Other shells were made into elaborate ear pins and hair decorations or into a wide variety of beads, which were worn on the arms, legs, and neck.Cold hammered copper was fashioned into thin embossed decorations in the shapes of abstract arrows and supernatural beings, which were used as parts of headdresses and ritual clothing.Within the village were square or rectangular wattle and daub houses and their associated work and storage areas for two hundred to six hundred people.These buildings were situated around a central plaza.

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