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It is then revealed that Mia's mom Kat was pronounced dead on arrival and her dad Denny died on the operating table.

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Mia, after flashing back through all the happy moments in her life, squeezes Adam's hand and opens her eyes and sees Adam as he hovers over her and says, "Mia? In December 2010, it was announced that a film based on the novel If I Stay was in the works at Summit Entertainment and that Dakota Fanning, Chloë Grace Moretz and Emily Browning were in talks to play Mia.E si essere al corrente di novità del mondo di cinema e guardare il vecchio buon cinema sono importante per voi - questo significa che la squadra del nostro sito Cine Blog01 ci ha sforzata non in vano.Non molto tempo fa quando il nuovo film appariva sugli schermi, c’ero bisogno andare al cinemateatro. Il prezzo alto per il biglietto alle prime clamorose, la calca vicino di cassa e commenti constanti dei spettatori.Mia, now in the hospital, panics as she does not know the current status of any of her family members when they take her in for surgery.A sympathetic nurse tells Mia—her physical body, not Mia's spirit, which apparently she cannot see either—that it is up to her whether or not she wants to stay.

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