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If the offender was more than 25 years old, they are scored a 0. A score of 0 is given if there are no prior sex related offenses. Next, is the number of victims in the current offense.If there were two or fewer victims, the score is 0; if three or more, then the offender is scored a 3.

Essentially the older an offender is the lower their score will be.

The chart appears as such on the coding form: 0 0 0 1,2 1 1 3-5 2,3 2 6 4 3All prior sex charges are counted, even if they involve the same victim or are multiple counts of the same offense.

When it comes to scoring, whichever column, charges or convictions, results in a higher score, is the score that is used.

Sex offender registry modification has been part of the law since 2009; however, the law was pretty vague as to what modification meant and to whom it applied until 2014.

On February 14, 2014, the Iowa Supreme Court provided some guidance.

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