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Attacks can occur anywhere at any time in Saudi Arabia.There has been a sharp increase in terrorist incidents in Saudi Arabia in the past year.This requirement does not apply to marriages before 20 February 2008.All passengers must declare any cash, transferable monetary documents or precious metals worth more than 60,000 Saudi Riyals (approximately A,000) on arrival to and departure from Saudi Arabia.The Islamic holy month of Ramadan is expected to occur between mid-May and mid-June 2018.For information about visa requirements for pilgrims wishing to undertake either the Hajj or Umrah, contact the nearest Embassy or Consulate of Saudi Arabia.A valid yellow fever vaccination certificate is required for entry into Saudi Arabia if you have come from or transited an area with a risk of yellow fever.

Gunmen have periodically targeted security patrols in this area and Shia places of worship.

In June and July 2017, a number of clashes between security forces and armed elements in Qatif (and particularly the district of Awamiyah) resulted in deaths and injuries, including of civilian bystanders. If you decide to travel to an area where there is a particular threat of kidnapping, ensure you have personal security measures in place and seek professional security advice.

For more information, see our Kidnapping threat bulletin.

One-time visitors on a single-entry visa do not need an exit permit to depart Saudi Arabia.

However, foreigners holding Saudi work or residency permits need to obtain an exit permit.

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